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Scio-Economic and Rural Advancement Association (SERAA)


Socio-Economic and Rural Advancement Association (SERAA) is a national non-profitable, non-political and nongovernmental development and humanitarian organization (NGO) as well as Consulting Firm was established in the year of 1997 by a few like-minded social workers at Sukhari union of Atpara Upazila of Netrakona district with a view to improve the socio-economic condition of the rural targeted poor families especially ultra-poor, excluded groups & distressed peoples with the emphasis on women. SERAA is duly registered with DSS & NGOAB, GOB & it has updated Trade License, TIN & VAT as per rules of GOB.

It has been working for the quality improvement of the underprivileged ethnic/tribal communities along with other minority and majority communities without distinction of caste, creed and religion for more than 21 years and earned reputation in development sector as National  NGO  and as well as Consulting Firm for more than 12 years. SERAA has been working with WASH/ WATSAN Sector, Environment Development  and Climate Change Issues since 2003 successfully with the collaboration of GO- NGOs and Un Organizations.  And SERAA is well experienced to working with collaborative & Partnership Approach for the Human Resource Development & Livelihood Development of targeted community.

 It has vast experience on different campaign program, community mobilization, skill development,  collecting data & information and advocacy program implementation. It has good working relationship with the GOB, LGI, Local Communities, like minded organization and different services providers including relevant stakeholders.

SERAA mainly works with 07(Seven)development sector to ensure sustainable development of targeted community. Such as  Education, Health, Disaster Mitigation, Environment & Climate Change, Livelihood Improvement, Training & Research. Skill and Employment and Promotion of Human Rights Sectors. SERAA uses modern and transparent accounting system. The  management system of SERAA is participatory and decentralized.  The total staff strength  of SERAA is 80 of which 34 male and 46 female. Presently 220 personnel are involved in different project of the organization. It has 85% experienced staff working more than 5-15 years in the organization.

We are very proud of haw far we have come from hard to reach area and grass root level. We believe that with the continuing help from supporters and the community, there is so much more we can do. And all human life is equal and everyone has a right to lead a dignified, self-sufficient life. We do this with your help and support.


SERAA has been functioning voluntarily since 1999. With the passage of time and involving with rural people through program implementation, the organization feels for its registrar’s and through formal procedure registration had been taken from the DSS and NGOAB, GOB.. With the efforts of its Executive Director and associates of the organization became healthy in respect of project implementation and fund flow. Details registration of SERAA including registering authority and no & date of registration are given below-


Sl. No

Registering Authority

Registration No

Date of Registration


Department of Social Services




NGO Affairs Bureau



(Renewed on-16.04.2031)


SERAA is enlisted with DYD, EC and MOCAWA and it has also Trade License (Netrakona Pourashava, Netrakona), No 1443,Income Tax Certificate (TIN) No: 867-300-0017/SA18/ Netra. and Vat Certificate No- 17081027612.



Netrakona, Mymensingh, Sunamgong and Cox's Bazar  District of the North- Eastern Part ofBangladesh.



Destitute Women, Adolescent Girl, School Going Children, Dropout Children, Unskilled Youth, Differently able person, Child with Special needs and under privileged community People of working area.



  • Education (Formal and Non-formal  Primary, Preprimary and Special Education for Special Child)
  • Watsan, Environment Development  & Organic Cultivation.
  • Integrated Human Resource and Livelihood Development.
  • Reproductive Health and Nutrition
  • Human Rights, Good governance & Advocacy program. 



BRAC, ADAB,BangladeshNGO Foundation, Campaign for Popular Education (CAMPE), We CanAllianceto End Domestic Violence,BangladeshManobadhikarSamonnoy Parishad,BangladeshECD Network (BEN), STI/AIDS Network ofBangladesh, CSRL, NEARS & NAHAB.



Male: 25, Female: 46, Total: 71 (In addition to this, SERAA has panel different types of expert/ professional/ trainers/ resource persons in the relevant fields. They are will be deployed/ employed when needed).



(1) Integrated Food Security Program (IFSP)-Concern- Bangladesh, LGED & WFP, (2) NFPE & Adult Literacy-PROSHIKA, (3) Relief and Rehabilitation- FNB, WFPConcern-Bangladesh, (4) Disability Rehabilitation Project- Jatio Protibondi Unnayan Foundation, (5) MicroEnterpriseDevelopment ThroughCapacityBuilding- Embassy of Ireland, (6) Access of Vulnerable Women into Justice-  GTZ, (7) Livelihood Development Through Capacity Building and Hygiene Practice- Embassy of Ireland, (8) VGDUP- E.C through MOWCA, (9) Training on Awareness & Campaign on Tax collection Under RIIP-2 Project- RIIP-2, LGED, (10) Sanitation, Hygiene Education & Water Supply (GOB- UNICEF) Project- DPHE & UNICEF, (11) Development of Soil Management Tool to Improve Food Security of Haor Dwellers- MOA & EC through DORP, (12) Promotion of Legal and Social Empowerment of Women- GTZ & MOWCA, (13) Skillful Project- SwissContact, Bangladesh, (14) Child & Woman Rights Advocacy (CWRA) Project- UCEP-Bangladesh, (15) Health Education Campaign to Promote Safe Blood Transfusion and Prevention of Viral Hepatitis and other Viral Transmitted Diseases- Bureau  of Health Education, (16) Environmental Sanitation, Hygiene Education & Water Supply Project for Climate Vulnerable Area- BCCTB/PKSF, (17) VGD, Lactating & Maternity Allowance for poor Mother-DWA. (18) Community Education Watch Group Activity (Protyasha Project)- DFID through CAMPE.



SERAA has three principal management organs through which the entire activity of the organization has been managed. Organs are as follows: General Committee, Executive Committee and Advisory Committee. There is a general body consisting of 33 members. They sit together twice a year to discus their ongoing activities and prepare future plan. There is also an Executive committee consisting of 9 members forming through regular election every after 2 year’s interval according to the approved constitution by the registration authority. The executive body sits together in each quarter as their quarterly meeting regularly. But to meet up any emergency, executive committee sits together with the general and advisory body as and when required. The Executive Director (ED) is nominated from the executive committee as sole implementer of SERAA. The executive director is responsible for coordination, collaboration and networking with donors and other relevant officials. Five (05) members’ management team and Organizational Development (OD) task force team including ED are responsible for managing, designing, planning, and decision-making, monitoring and evaluating the programs of SERAA. The management system is participatory and decentralized. SERAA keeps in mind gender Issue and practices at all stages.  



The financial and accounting system is decentralized. The whole system is being functioned following a financial manual. This manual ensures uniformity among books, accounts and documents. At the project level, Project Manager prepares monthly financial requirement and respective report. At central level, compilations of all the reports take place and implement accordingly. Yearly audit is ensured as per NGO Affairs Bureau enlisted Chartered Accountants farm. SERAA maintains separate cash-book and ledger for each project. Mother accounts are operated through joint signatures of Chairman, Executive Director and Finance Secretary.  



SERAA is committed to ensure accountability and transparency. So SERAA always tries to ensure value for money and provide quality services. It is accountable to donors, government as well as community people. SERAA is transparent regarding information, reporting, sharing and disseminating important ideas and messages.           


Scio-Economic and Rural Advancement Association (SERAA)

SERAA Kunja,235/41 Parking Road, South Katli, Netrakona-2400, Bangladesh.

Mobile: +08801712-213527, 01919-213527 Tele Phone: +088-0951-62542

E-mail: seraa.mazibar@gmail.com Website: www.seraanetra.org. F.ID: ngoseraa