Health, Nutrition, Water and Sanitation

Seraa has been raising awareness on health and Nutrition

HIV/AIDS/STD among the target people with its own initiatives since December 2000. The organization has also implemented the project Prevention of HIV/AID through knowledge and training inDhaka, Rajshahi, Manikganj, Lakshmipur district during January 2001 to December 2003. Since 2000 to till-date Seraa has completed a lot of 100-group discussion and 20 sharing meetings for raising awareness among the community people. The organization also disseminates information about HIV/AIDS/STD during conducting the class of non-formal education. 

Health service is one of the most important sectors of the activities of Seraa. It has been providing different type of health services and awareness on health. Sometimes we provide priority to our students of different Seraa Schooland their family members or community people as a direct target group due to some of our limitation as an NGO. 

Water & Sanitation Program is one of the major development activities of Seraa. Safe drinking water and hygienic sanitation is a must for the safety of life as well as sound environment. Seraa undertook this program in order to ensure safe drinking water and hygienic sanitation in the rural area because the people of this area are ignorant, unaware and indifferent about the importance and need of safe drinking water and hygienic sanitation.

Seraa has been implementing Water and Sanitation program under financial and technical supported Donor and own contribution.