Mission and Vision of Seraa


SERAA follows a non-directive, bottom-up and participatory development approach for the effective implementation of its programs. It emphasizes on people’s participation in need assessment, planning, implementation and decision-making process for making the program socially accepted, people oriented and sustainable. SERAA acts as a facilitator to ensure people’s active and equal participation in development process.

Firstly, SERAA works with the poor people by forming the homogeneous group and therefore organizes the distressed and powerless people through rapport building, animation, motivation, and awareness.

Secondly, it empowers the powerless through education, training and sharing of experiences.

Thirdly, it facilitates in initiation of economic activities through micro-credit support for regular income and promoting economic rights and control over resources through active involvement and participation of the poor especially women with a view to alleviate poverty, hunger, illiteracy, ill-health & civic inertia.

SERAA believes that man is the center of all development endeavors and is the maker of his/her own fortune. Accordingly, the development philosophy of SERAA is based on the fact that The Paramount Need of People is not Relief but Release. SERAA feels to develop their dormant potentialities regarding personal, social, economical, educational and active civic growth and development. It always keep a space in its consideration for making linkage with other like-minded organizations and also stresses to augment human dignity, social justice, fraternity and democratization in the process of development initiatives.


Establishing a society with peace and harmony.