Registration status

SERAA means Socio-Economic and Rural Advancement Association  which is a non-profitable, non-political and non-government humanitarian philanthropic & development organization NGO/CSO.

Legal/ Registration Status of SERAA:      

   For the legalization of program activities, SERAA is registered with

Sl.NO RegisteringAuthority Registation NO Date of Registration

Department of Social


Netra-0273  03-08-1999
 02  NGO Affairs Bureau  2089  17-04-2006 (Renewed on-16.04.2031)

 Registered with Election Commission

 134(119)  12.07.2018


(i)       Trade License Netrakona Pourashava, Netrakona, No 12oo And Iswargonj Pourshava, No. 0537-00

(ii)      Income Tax Certificate (TIN) No: 867-300-0017/SA18/Netra.

(iii)     Vat Certificate No- 17081027612 Dated: 18/10/2012