Target people and beneficiaries of SERAA:

Target people and beneficiaries of SERAA:
Target people: A simple socio-economic survey (The identification Survey) of all families in the project area is undertaken and each family is rated either poor or non-poor (genera) in this process ethnic and minority group. According to key indicators of income, land ownership and food deficit status, poor households are categorized as follows:

1. Hard core poor: The worst-off group distinctly below the poverty thresholds, with virtually no cultivable land (not even homestead land) and chronic food deficit (one meal per day)

2. Very poor: Household around the threshold boundary of poverty with land ownership less the 50 decimals, occasional food deficit (two meals per day)

3. Less poor: Currently above the poverty threshold (with three meals per day) but within the boundary of income erosion pressures. Such households pose a hidden but critical problem of what may be called “Tomorrow’s Poor”.
Beneficiaries: Beneficiaries of the organization are mainly ultra poor household, land less, near land less, marginal farmers, small business men, women and malnourished mother, adolescents and child, disable person of the rural area those who have less than 50 decimal of land and no other regular source of income except selling their physical labors and who are neglected in the society.