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Working area

Non-Formal Primary Education (NFPE)

Primary education for dropout children and who are out from the light of primary education.

BRAC, Community and Own Contribution of SERAA

Madan, Barhatta, Kendua, Sadar & Atpara Upazila of Netrakona District

Water and Sanitation (WATSAN) Program

Ensure sanitation and using of safe water with all purposes through awareness buildup of community people and capacity buildup of LGI.

Community Contribution & local Donation

Madan, Barhatta, Kendua, Sadar, Durgapur & Atpara Upazila of Netrakona District

EPR in Bangladesh

Different Campaign Activity to Ensure Quality Education and Health for all. (Such: Base line Survey, Orientation, Workshop, Seminar, Sharing meeting, Home visit and, Skill development of relevant stakeholders (Training, Workshop, Orientation & Visitation) and Advocacy with relevant authority.

MJF through CAMPE

Durgapur Upazila of Netrakona Distict.

Early Childhood and Care Development (ECCD)

Pre-primary education provide to the under 6 year children.

SERAA own fund & community contribution

Madan, Barhatta, Kendua, Sadar & Atpara Upazila of Netrakona District

Basic Literacy Project (64 District)

House hold survey, Learning Adult Literacy Program Such as Hose hold survey, Center established, Teachers selection, Skill training, workshop, etc.

Ministry of Primary and Mass Education

Barhatta Upazila under Netrakona District

Promoting of Human Rights for Socially Excluded People.

Beneficiaries selection, Group formation, Orientation, Training, Sharing & advocacy meeting and Record keeping &Documentation.


Dhobaura Upaila under Mymensingh

Emergency  support/Relief and Rehabilitation Program

Food Package and Hygiene Kit distribution to the Covid-19 affected people and Rohingya community.

International Development and Relief Foundation- IDRF, Canada. AusRelief , Al- Ihsan Foundation International Limited and WF-AID


 Cox’s bazar, Netrakona and Mymensingh district district



Beside these it has been running SERAA Challenger Academy (Play group to Five class), Sukhari, Atpara, Netrakona. And two special school named SERAA Special Child and SERAA Buddi Protibandi  O Autistic Bidyalay to ensure education for child with special needs.