Social Mobilization Program

Seraa has been continuing to support the  Mobilization  of   vulnerable households through various health campaigns and delivery of various health services as well as health facilities. The major activities of the project include verification of demand for Hand Tube Wells (HTWs), latrines and on-site solid waste disposal facilities, assessing community structure and determining communication support activities, Household Environmental and Sanitation (HES) related campaigns, promoting installation of HTWs, latrines. Providing technical assistance, guidance and training regarding HES facilities, equipment support for sanitation, holding group meeting/workshop and monitoring the sustainability of behavioral changes.

Anti-trafficking awareness:

Establishment of human and civil rights, keeping clean and fresh environment, tree plantation, action against violence, trafficking of women and children, prevention of early and multi marriage, action against dowry and above all income earning schemes are some of the major action point. They have already undertaken those for immediate action. The participants conduct Rally, Campaign and Demonstration, Possession, Group meeting, Community meeting, Spouse forum and above take personal and group initiative in implementation their action points.