Project NamePrior work on the project issues
NFPE & Adult LiteracyPROSHIKA
Integrated Food Security Program (IFSP)Concern- Bangladesh, LGED & WFP
Relief and RehabilitationFNB, WFP Concern- Bangladesh
Disability Rehabilitation ProjectJatio Protibondi Unnayan Foundation
Micro Enterprise Development Through Capacity BuildingEmbassy of Ireland
Access of Vulnerable Women into JusticeGTZ
Livelihood Development Through Capacity Building and Hygiene PracticeEmbassy of Ireland
Vulnerable Group Development for Ultra Poor(VGDUP)E.C through MOWCA
Training on Awareness & Campaign on Tax collection Under RIIP-2 ProjectRIIP-2, LGED
Sanitation, Hygiene Education & Water Supply (GOB- UNICEF) ProjectDPHE & UNICEF
Development of Soil Management Tool to Improve Food Security of Haor DwellersMOA & EC through DORP
Promotion of Legal and Social Empowerment of WomenGTZ & MOWCA
Skill Ful ProjectSwiss Contact, Bangladesh
Child & Woman Rights Advocacy (CWRA) ProjectUCEP-Bangladesh
Health Education Campaign to Promote Safe Blood Transfusion and Prevention of Viral Hepatitis and other Viral Transmitted DiseasesBureau of Health Education
Environmental Sanitation, Hygiene Education & Water Supply Project for Climate Vulnerable AreaBCCTB/PKSF
VGD, Lactating & Maternity Allowance for poor MotherDWA
Community Education Watch Group Activity (Protyasha Project)DFID through CAMPE
Reaching all Children in Education (RACE)PKSF Through CAMPE.
Basic Literacy Project (64 District)Ministry of Primary and Mass Education
Integrated Human Resource Development programBangladesh NGO Foundation
Promoting of Human Rights for Socially Excluded People.HRP, UNDP
Emergency Support to Strengthen Food and Nutrition Security in Haor areas through Innovative Food Syatems Approaches for Reducing Propagation of Covid-19.Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Emergency Response and fighting against Covid-19. (Food & nonfood item distribution among the affected family by food. Tornedo, Covid-19 along with Rohingya Community)WFP, UNDP, IDRF, WF-AID, AusRelif, Al-Ihasan Foundation & Concern World Wide Bangladesh & UNICEF.